Best Foods for Healthy, Glowing Skin

When it comes to fitness and health in general, there is one universal truth: what you give is what you get. A workout routine that is practiced with care, dedication, and curiosity will be met with a physique to be proud of. 

There’s a catch though, fitness isn’t everything when chasing a perfect six-pack or clear skin – the foods you eat are just as important!

Almost every adult has had to deal with acne since they were teenagers. The severity ranges from person to person. It usually goes away, but some adults may very well deal with spotty skin for years to come, thanks to poor eating habits. Things like greasy, fatty, low-quality carbs will saturate the skin with oils that lead to breakouts. However, it’s not just the solid foods you need to worry about. That carbonated soda you wash your lunch down with every day isn’t doing your skin much justice either.

For most, this is all common sense, so to help you, here are a few foods you can add to your diet and achieve clear, beautiful, glowing skin. 

Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet potatoes are a great addition to your daily lunch and dinner as they provide a significant source of vitamin A and help boost your immune system. Accutane, a very popular (though controversial) medication prescribed by dermatologists to treat acne, is actually a form of vitamin A. Sweet potatoes will help keep your skin clear and keep you feeling healthy during flu season. Avoid eating too much, because an overdose in vitamin A will start to have negative effects, such as dry skin and chapped lips. 


Sugary pop-tarts and sweet cereals are often the breakfast of many teenagers and that isn’t surprising! They taste good, fill you up, and are quick to eat, which is perfect for fast-paced morning schedules. However, a high amount of sugar will increase your overall blood sugar levels, which can lead to potential inflammation (aka, acne!). Oatmeal gives you a healthy source of fibrous grains, which assists in digestion and heart longevity. 


Salmon offers a considerable source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin B12. People may hear fatty acids and immediately think of acne, but those omega-3s actually help to formulate the protein collagen, which is responsible for skin-strength and longevity. 


One of the most adversarial enemies to glowing skin is the signs of aging. Fortunately, vitamins A, B12, and potassium are among the few nutrients that help keep skin wrinkle-free and strong. Leafy greens such as lettuce and spinach will provide your diet with healthy nutrients.


As mentioned earlier, it is important to cut sugary sodas from your dietary routines. Many soda-lovers might not be so keen to cut soda out by day one, but simply drinking water instead of soda when thirsty will satisfy your needs, keep your blood sugar at healthier levels, and start the beginning of a healthier habit. Soda, much like sugary breakfasts, can lead to inflammation and acne. 

Water will also help you with hydration, which keeps your skin fresh and youthful for years to come. (Your older self will certainly thank you!) 

Achieving clear, glowing skin isn’t hard – it all starts in the kitchen.

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