The Right Way To Wash Your Swimsuit

After the stress of picking the perfect swimsuit for that event at the beach and in preparation for summer, the worst nightmare would be to see your beautiful swimsuit ruined.

We understand how nerve-wracking that experience can be. Here, we share fascinating tips on how to wash your swimsuits and make them last longer.

Rinse It Off After Every Use

Being the most common summer outfit for the pool or the beach, swimsuits come in contact with dirt and lots of oil stains from sunscreen – not to mention the chlorine in pools and other chemicals in the water.

To avoid the accumulation of stains that will ruin your swimsuits, it’s advisable that you rinse your suits often until you wash them properly.

Pre-Treat Stains Before Washing

Before you plunge stained swimsuits into a washing bath, you should use any reliable stain treatment solution on the affected area. Let the stain treatment solution get to work for some time before you start washing with detergent or any mild washing soap.

Always Hand Wash

After every visit to the beach or pool, chances are that your swimsuit may have come in contact with sunscreen, chlorine, perspiration, salt from the sea, and dirt.

All of these elements are bad for your swimsuits, considering the nature of the fabric used in making them. Hence, washing your swimsuits immediately after you pull them off is advised. However, a thorough hand wash will do just fine. 

Use a Wash Bag

If you must use a washing machine, ensure you use a mesh bag. Insert the swimsuit into a washing mesh bag to prevent snagging as the machine “tosses” it around in the bucket. Always set the machine to a gentle wash cycle, use cold water and the right amount of detergent – check the instruction label for washing directions.

Never Twist Your Suit

After washing your swimsuits, it’s not advisable to wring water out of them. That would only add more stress to the fabric and cause them to stretch early. A mild flap would do; and you could just let the water sip out on the line.

Avoid the Dryer

Frequent exposure to heat, especially high heat from a dryer, reduces the elasticity of swimsuits. To prevent such damage to the fabric, try as much as possible to air dry them. An added benefit of air-drying your swimsuits is the preservation of color, shape, and quality of the fabric.

You can hang your swimsuit on the line or place it on a drying rack. However, keep in mind that air drying synthetic materials and fabrics like spandex and nylon results in color fading.

Now you know how to wash your swimsuits properly and have all the tips you need to make them last longer. Rest assured, if you stick to these tips, your swimsuits will serve you well for a long time.

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