The Ultimate Guide to Wear a Dress in Winter

Deciding what to wear in winter and yet look fashionable, can be extremely difficult. Buying every new outfit you see on display can be expensive. Wearing trendy light clothing in winter could mean freezing to death. However, with so many restrictions you can still dress beautifully and elegantly in your winter outfits. 

Let’s see how you can step up your fashion sense and avoid missing out on the latest trends.

Here are some great outfit options for winter: 

Go for Velvet Dresses

A velvet dress is exactly what you need to cover that mini shirt you plan to wear. Velvet has the charm of making you look sophisticated and smart. 

One cannot get over the ravishing beauty of a velvet dress, especially with the countless eye-pleasing and satisfying colors they come in.

They are diverse and just right for any occasion. The texture and insulation against cold make them ideal for winter.

Velvet dresses have been associated with royalty or celebrity status. So, if you are wearing one, get ready to flaunt your style. You can choose from simple designs or pair them with a high turtleneck. You can absolutely rock the look with the right color and accessories. A full-length sleeve offers more warmth and coziness. You could also wear them over a long-sleeved turtleneck shirt for extra warmth. 

We have seen top brands like Gucci showcase their creative and signature velvet robe dress featuring a plunging neckline and full-length fabric to keep your feet warm.

Beat the Cold Weather with Leather!

Bright-colored leather should be on everyone’s list of winter must-haves!

Straight from the runway, we have seen cozy black leather dresses featuring a tailored lapel collar and beautifully shaped skirts. We’ve also seen long sleeve zipper midi dresses made entirely from leather – take a minute to digest that bundle of awesomeness!

Now, imagine these outfits with statement accessories and a pair of boots reaching up to the knees. If you like some extra warmth, get your boots high up to the thighs; you’ll still look stunning!

Cozy and Casual with Knits

Your winter wardrobe would be incomplete without a beautifully woven dress. These dresses are naturally cozy and warm. You could raise the bar with a mini sweater dress too! If you are wondering if a short dress is right, considering the cold, then, here is where your creative instinct should kick in.

How about wearing a matching wool blend winter coat and a pair of stylish knee-high leather boots over the mini sweater dress? 

Another must-have winter outfit is a knitted long-sleeved turtleneck dress – give this outfit a try!

Add Extra Warmth to Your Dresses in Style

Consider wearing plain or patterned leggings. Wool and leather leggings, which are thicker, add much more warmth to your ensemble. 

Wear Thick Coats

You already know that wearing a thick coat over your dress keeps you warm and safe from the harsh winter cold and winds. However, how you style them and the choice of material will set you apart. Wool and fur are fashionable and safe choices for casual outings.

Hopefully, these tips guide you to the perfect choice of winter dresses this year!

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