Senior-Friendly Travel Destinations

Traveling the world and meeting fascinating people always comes at the top of the to-do-list of  every senior.

As they say, the hunger for adventure never dies in a man – or woman, of course. Traveling as a senior offers countless benefits, especially when there isn’t much to do. Where would you like to travel to, and how are you planning on getting there? There is a lot to consider before you embark on exceptionally long journeys or vacations.

As much as seniors want to embark on a world-seeing experience and fulfill their dream of enjoying the “perfect getaway,” they should always keep in mind that there is only so much their (physical) strength can accomplish.

Here are some factors to consider while choosing your travel destination as a senior:

Availability of reliable and competent healthcare for emergencies – Medical evacuation options would be a plus!

Availability and access to basic amenities like roads, security, portable and hygienic drinking water, clean toilets, and electricity. Alternative transportation system for seniors with mobility challenges and those on wheelchairs or other walking aids.

Also, consider the widely spoken language in the area you are visiting. It’s best to visit places where communication with the locals won’t be a problem – English speaking regions are ideal travel destinations.  This way, you won’t need a translator to interpret your medical prescriptions to healthcare providers.

Here is a list of our top choice travel destinations for seniors

The United States of America (USA)

From the beautiful coastlines to the bustling cities that never sleep in God’s own country, it’s almost impossible to settle for a choice location in the USA.

The United States has been a popular destination to countless seniors for decades – thanks to its enticing attractions, accommodation, and dining spots.  Whether you are an adventurous traveler or one who just loves to watch and digest the beauty of the cities, there is always the perfect place for you.

Almost all tourist attractions and venues are accessible to seniors with mobility limitations. This makes the US a choice destination for seniors on wheelchairs and other walking aids.  The outdoors are also great for adventures and leisure activities like golf and dining. Some popular senior-friendly tourist locations include South Carolina, Missouri, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Hawaii, and Las Vegas.


Canada has been a popular destination for both Canadian and American senior tourists who do not want to travel far away from home. There are a lot of fascinating places to visit, like the famous Halifax Harbor and its mouthwatering kinds of seafood, Montreal and Quebec (which attract at least 9 million visitors annually).

Victoria, British Columbia, is also another popular tourist location known for its ports and cruise ships. If you love whale-watching, going on glass-bottom boat tours, visiting historical spots and museums, then Victoria is where you should be in Canada. There are provisions for seniors on wheelchairs to help them access tourist sites.


If you are looking to extend your tour and take your adventures overseas, then Europe comes on top of the list of safe tourists’ destinations for seniors.

The transportation network is friendly for seniors in wheelchairs. Seniors and other tourists are treated to basic functional amenities to make their stay memorable. Group tours in Europe are also a delight – thanks to the smooth connection between European countries.

Going on a European river cruise is also on the offering for seniors, including those with mobility challenges. You could just as well enjoy the beautiful view of European cities from the deck. The cruise ships are well furnished and fitted with ample amenities to make your tour worthwhile and comfortable. Some European countries that seniors frequent are England, Scotland, Ireland, Greece (for its marvelous Greek islands), and Italy, where the eternal city of Rome lies.

There are other fascinating places you could visit as a senior. Wherever your compass leads, ensure that it’s safe and accessible in case of (medical) emergencies. 

Also, inquire about (assisted) transportation for seniors (whose movement is limited) and availability of amenities. If you can check all of these boxes, then you are set to hit the road!

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