Bad Roads Can Cause Accidents

Especially tire-related incidents. Find out how.

A large number of road accidents happen due to tire failure or even blowouts. These can be caused by incorrect tire pressure, tread separation, sidewall damage, traction loss due to extreme tread wear, etc. But often, the condition of the road is a significant factor that causes tire failure. These are the things you should watch out for whenever you’re on the road.


These make life behind the wheel extremely uncomfortable. You may try to avoid potholes while driving, but it isn’t always possible to do so. If you hit a pothole at speed, the impact could damage the internal structure of the tire. This damage to the fabric or rubber could cause loss of structural integrity and cause the tire to fail. If the damage is minor, then the issue could get aggravated over time and cause tire failure when you least expect it.


It could be anything that’s fallen on the road. Stones, pebbles, branches, stuff that may have fallen off trucks or cars ahead, household items; these could all cause tire damage. If you drive over them, they could cause your car tire to blowout.


Your tires may be fine. There may not even be potholes or debris. But if the road is wet or slippery due to water or oil or any chemicals, then driving over such a surface will cause you to lose control of your car. Slick surfaces cause a loss of traction which causes your car to spin out of control.

Heavy rain and floods

Driving through standing water sure looks like fun. But you run the risk of hydroplaning. Sometimes, all four tires lose contact with the road. The only thing under them is water, and in such cases, the car simply spins out of control. There’s nothing you can do.


Heavy rains can cause the road to erode. Parts of the road may break, get cracked, and make the diving conditions dangerous. Drive cautiously in such conditions. Issues like these are seen in areas that experience regular heavy rainfall.


You can tell with a single look whether a road has been maintained or not. You’ll see that it looks worn, cracked and the edges of the road don’t appear smooth. It will look like pieces have broken away and the edge just looks jagged. If you drive over these edges, then it will cause tire damage that will affect you in the long run. But in extreme conditions, these edges may even cause a blowout.


To be clear, insurance will not cause a tire blowout. But if you’re involved in an accident caused because of tire failure, any claim you file will depend on the reason for the tire failure. In case there is a manufacturing or design issue, tread separation or adhesion issue, or any number of factors connected to defective tires, then the tire manufacturer could be held liable. You could also include dealers, distributors in your claim. If the road conditions caused the accident, then ask your lawyer to check for government liability. If you’ve been hurt, you can also file a claim to recover any medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering and more. But most importantly, drive safe and stay vigilant.

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