5 Hacks to Get More Out of Every Hotel Stay

You can maximize your hotel stay even if you just show up at the door without a reservation. Hotels pay a high commission to booking sites like Travelocity or Priceline, so they have an incentive to book with you on the spot. As long as it is not a busy season for the hotel and they have rooms available, they will be eager to fill them at a discount. 

Negotiate Your Stay

There is a risk involved with just showing up and asking for a hotel room, so keep in mind that you may pay more. By politely requesting a deal on the spot, however, you will have the advantage of giving the hotel the liberty to negotiate a deal without paying booking fees to a third-party. The hotel is likely to earn more, even if they give you a reduced rate on available rooms. Negotiating in person is a win for you and the hotel. 

Arrive Early and Conduct Business in Person

Business in person is always beneficial for both parties. You can get hotels to show you a little extra love by showing them you are willing to meet with them at the check-in, while you ask if they can do anything extra special for you. Part of the in-person check-in and reservation can be upscaled with specifics. You should always be specific about what you are looking for, to best maximize your hotel stay. Ask and negotiate for what you’re looking for; in-room bathtub, a bigger bed, or extra TV channels. 

The Nicer Room Is In The Corner

Ask about the building layout, to see where you might feel most comfortable. Keep in mind that corner rooms generally have the most square-footage and the most windows. Corner rooms, due to the structural layout, offer the lowest noise level and feel nicer. Snatch up a corner room if one is available. 

Loyalty Perks and Rewards

Sign up for the hotel’s membership program in advance to gain special VIP privileges throughout your stay. Loyalty perks may include free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, shuttle service, and access to exclusive executive lounges. 

Credit cards that come with travel perks and dining rewards will additionally maximize your hotel stay experience. Special deals on rooms and activities can be available to you through the credit card loyalty perks and rewards. As you use the card, make sure to read the fine print to avoid high interest, and stay responsible with the credit. Accruing points will help you earn rewards for future trips. 

Tip Well to Negotiate Your Best Hotel Stay

Tipping is never more appreciated than when all else has failed when checking in, and you are still looking for that special pizazz to celebrate your hotel stay. By including a nice $20 tip to your check-in attendant, discreetly delivered, you will ensure good service and then some. 

It’s not uncommon to tip at the front desk.

The front desk agent holds all the keys to an assortment of goodies like room credits that you can use toward the minibar, TV movies, and room service. All they have to do is tap a few extra keys and voila! You are on the way to upgrading your hotel stay. A simple tip, at the right time, can really help to show your appreciation as you negotiate your stay. 

A Generous Accompaniment

Find the time and a way to give your hotel staff employees a friendly smile and thank you for their service. Address your staff by  name when giving a compliment. Your friendly generosity goes a long way towards making the hotel stay the best it can be. With a personal connection, you additionally have the assurance that if there was ever a need to report an issue, you can seek  a swifter resolution. 

By connecting with your hotel staff and negotiating your stay in an in-person business exchange, you will maximize your hotel stay experience. You can free yourself to celebrate the addons that make your visit as special as you planned.

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