4 Practical Tips To Get The Best Data Plan For Your Phone

Nowadays, a good data plan is more important than having a considerable amount of free calling minutes or texts. Our mobile phones have come a long way, from being used to browse the internet and check emails. With the need to regularly update social media and binge-watch streaming content, online data plans have evolved too. Faster phones usually consume more data and require speedier internet. But how do you choose a data plan that suits your needs without it being super expensive? Let us guide you with a few tips to help you choose the right data plan for your phone.

Get The Best Coverage

No matter how good your plan is on paper, it is pointless if you have inadequate network coverage and can’t access the service. All carriers post coverage maps on their websites and these should help you determine if the carrier provides excellent coverage in your area. Remember to also check the coverage offered at your workplace and places that you travel to frequently. Don’t base your decision solely on coverage maps as carriers may not provide consistent service if there are too many subscribers. Use the resources at hand and ask friends and co-workers around what couriers they use.

Determine How Much Data You Need

While some of us may use mobile data just to stream a song or share photos on instant messaging not many know how much data they consume. While everybody’s data consumption varies, understanding how much information you need is essential when signing up for a plan. Calculating an average of your monthly data consumption from your account on your carrier’s website can give you a rough estimate. Your data consumption figures can also be tracked from your phone by dialing a code provided by the carrier. Factor in a small for a higher consumption if you are upgrading to a faster (and naturally more data-hungry) phone.

Plan and Compare Costs

Based on your data needs, determine if you should sign up for a limited data plan or an unlimited one. Some carrier’s limited data plans could be expensive when compared to similar programs offered by other carriers. Research and compare all the plans on offer as some unlimited plans could work out cheaper than limited data plans. On the other hand, some carriers also have a lower speed on their more affordable, unlimited plans. If data speed does not affect your decision, this tradeoff may work in your favor.

Read The Fine Print

Carriers will try everything they can to get you to switch networks from offering unlimited free data for a limited period to free data while traveling abroad. Understand that most of these perks come with fine print. Though tempting, this almost always works in favor of the telecom companies. For example, free data while roaming abroad is offered by some carriers, the speed is limited. To have access to high-speed data, you will be required to pay more.

With cut-throat competition, mobile phone carriers often provide big discounts and even free phones at the year-end to entice users to switch from other carriers. Knowing what to look for and planning at the right time could help you save on your new internet plan and may also help you bag a new phone.

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